About the Process...

Dan Spencer's "REALM of the FAIRIES" Enchanted Fairy portraits are created utilizing our exclusive Fairy Set called the "Fairy Dell".

The "The Fairy Dell" consists of a custom painted backdrop, large, padded Mushroom, lots of flowers, a "pond", rocks and our exclusive "Magical Fairy Jar" we can create a real "Fairy Dell" right on location!
With your child in a fairy outfit (which we can provide) she will be ready to become an Enchanted Fairy!
The Fairy Dell is best suited for on-location events such as Corporate Events, Festivals, Fairs, etc., We also conduct various Enchanted Fairy Photo Days throughout the year at various locations around Bakersfield, Ca.
With minimal editing done in the computer such as adding Fairy Dust and enhancements your finished Heirloom Portraits are ready within a few weeks of ordering.

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