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Deep within the Kern River Valley, among it's flowered hills of wide,
You will find a magical place ...where the fairies love to hide!
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In the summer of 2007, an extraordinary turn of events has allowed Bakersfield, California Freestyle Photographer Dan Spencer an honor
that few photographers throughout the world ever get the privilege of experiencing...
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While photographing wildflowers in a secluded area, here in
the Kern River Valley, Dan had un-intentionally stumbled
upon the magical gateway to their netherworld that, until
now, has only been referred to in stories and fables... 
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And unto this very day, he is still allowed the distinct
privilege of approaching and photographing the most
beautiful and elusive creatures ever to be found within the
Kern River Valley...
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Just why these amazing creatures have allowed, and still
allow him, to get so close and take their photographs is
beyond even his comprehension.
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He now shares these most wonderful images with the world...

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