Now you can offer your customers an exciting Special Event right in your shop!

                        Dan Spencer's

can conduct Enchanted
Fairy Portrait Sessions
right at your business!" no cost to you!
Plus, you'll earn up to a whopping 25% of all sales generated from these very popular
Enchanted Fairy Portraits!

From: Photographer Dan Spencer
RE: A very fun, yet profitable business proposition.

Dear Shopkeeper,

My name is Dan Spencer.
I'm a professional photographer here in Bakersfield, Ca. under the name
"Spencer Luxury Portraits" ( )
Aside from the typical portraiture I offer, I also offer something way beyond the realm of your 'run of the mill' studio portraits or outdoor pictures.
I offer very unique, one-of-a-kind, Heirloom "Enchanted Fairy" Portraits.
These are in very high demand and are usually "sold out" whenever they are offered...

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Here's your opportunity to get more customers into your shop with
a very Special "Enchanted Fairy Portrait Day" Event!

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So, whats in it for you?
        √ A very fun day.
        √ Wonderful customer "good will".
        √ Up to 25% of all portrait sales generated!

  • We need at least 10' X 12' of indoor, level space.
  • We need 120v A.C. available within 25' (we'll set everything up and tear down when completed.)
  • You simply advertise/promote this event while your employee sets the appointment times. (about 20 minutes for each session.)
  • Sessions can be only $35. each and can include a 4"x6" Gift Print. (other sizes available at special event rates.)
  • Sessions can also be 100% FREE (with no gift print) and just take print orders as there is no obligation to buy.
  • When the ordered prints are completed (in about four weeks), customers simply return to your shop to collect them. (thereby getting returning customers back into your doors.)
  • Because these are individually handcrafted, Heirloom Art prints, they are intended as wall art pieces and are presented in customers choice of Stunning Mounted Metallic Prints, Incredible HD Acrylic Prints, or Heirloom Canvas Gallery Wraps. Sizes range from 11"x14" ($154.) all the way up to 40"x60" ($2400.)
  • Prices are the same for either Mounted Metallic Prints, HD Acrylic or Premier Canvas Gallery Wraps.
  • Special Event "Day Only" Pricing and Print Packages can also be created.
This is a great tie-in with other sales, promotions or
as a stand alone "Special Event" at your location.

The Enchanted Fairy Dell

Set up at Your Location!

The "Fairy Dell" is the entire fantasy set which includes full Custom Painted Backdrop, Giant Mushroom, Flowers, "Pond", Rocks, Props, our Exclusive "Fairy Jar", Outfits, Custom Wings, Studio Lighting and professional Photography.
(We simply enhance the wings, add sparkles & magic in the computer for a more dramatic look.)

These Enchanted Fairy Portraits are geared mostly for children specifically little girls ages 3 years and up however, Mommies love doing them as well.

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If you are interested in considering hosting an Enchanted Fairy Portrait Day Event at your shop, I invite you to contact me directly via text or call at: (661) 364-6078 (if no answer, please leave a message) or via email at: [email protected]
You can also visit and message us on Facebook.

Thank you for your consideration.
Dan Spencer
(The Fairy Godfather)

P.S. To view samples of these Beautiful, Enchanted Fairy Portraits, please visit us at:
Dan Spencer's "REALM of the FAIRIES" at:


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